“Commitment to Quality, in the spirit of continuous improvement”

Oakland Building Services Ltd provides services which are intended to meet the needs and expectations of our clients ensuring quality, design, programming and cost implications are met.

To achieve this, Oakland Building Services Ltd needs clear management systems and responsibilities which support the achievement of our organisation’s business goals and quality objectives.


Oakland Building Services Ltd’s Quality objectives are:

  • To ensure that Client requirements and expectations are fully understood, standards created and service delivery continually monitored against these standards;
  • To consistently meet Client requirements by Quality performance and adoption of best practice;
  • To provide the right organisation and resources and employ the right people to ensure Quality services which fulfil the Client’s requirements effectively and efficiently;
  • To continually review and monitor all aspects of operations to identify opportunities for implementing continuing improvement.

Our Quality Policy is intended to reflect the organisation’s total commitment to manage our Company’s resources to achieve the highest levels of performance in everything in which the Company is involved.

The Senior Management Team is responsible for ensuring that procedures are established and maintained to make all employees aware of the importance of conformance with the Company Policy Statements, and with the requirements of the Quality Policy and their respective roles and responsibilities in this respect. In addition, all employees are to be made aware of the significance and impact of their work activities and how they contribute to the achievement of quality objectives.